Becky Rentzel-Galaviz

Becky Rentzel-Galaviz

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Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Development Expert

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Frisco, TX, US

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Becky Rentzel-Galaviz is a dynamic speaker, visionary, Founder, and CEO of RG Leadership. With a career spanning over four decades, Becky has dedicated her life to the intricacies of leadership, learning, and development. Her expertise is further solidified by her certification as a GiANT 5 Voices Facilitator, where she excels in guiding individuals and organizations to discover and harness their unique leadership voices.
Becky’s academic journey led her to earn an MBA with a concentration in HR from Colorado Technical University, which equipped her with a robust framework for understanding organizational dynamics and the critical role of human resources in achieving excellence.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Becky is deeply committed to nurturing emerging leaders. This commitment is reflected in her roles as a Board Member of FearLess Dallas and an Advisory Member of the Women in Leadership Program at Houston Christian University. She inspires a new generation of leaders through these platforms, advocating for courage, integrity, and innovation.
Renowned for her engaging and transformative speaking style, Becky Rentzel-Galaviz empowers her audience to embrace change, challenge the status quo, and lead with purpose and empathy. Whether she addresses budding entrepreneurs or seasoned executives, Becky’s insights resonate, leaving a lasting impact on all who hear her speak.
Becky resides in Frisco, Texas, where she blends her professional acumen with a vibrant personal life. As a devoted wife and mother of two, she brings the same passion and dedication to her family as she does to her professional pursuits. Becky’s unique flair is further highlighted by her experience as a seasoned comedy improviser, a skill that not only adds a refreshing touch of humor to her presentations but also underscores her belief in the power of adaptability and thinking on one’s feet.

Becky Rentzel-Galaviz