Jill Strickland Brown

Jill Strickland Brown

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Perkasie, PA

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Jill Strickland Brown is an entrepreneur, author and founder of Frox, making her way in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, including working as a seven-figure sales rep and owning successful luxury boutiques. She organizes events to connect with and empower women. She is the author of Behind the Button and a featured contributor in the book Success Reimagined.

Jill is a free-spirited, out-of-the-box, and everything-is-possible kind of girl. She shares her “can do” message of inspiration and empowerment through her contagious charisma with everyone she encounters. She resides in Pennsylvania, enjoys spending time with her family, and invites the next chapter of life with open arms in a running-baste-stitch kind of mindset.

Jill Strickland Brown