Joanna K Chodorowska

Joanna K Chodorowska

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Speaker, Author, Holistic Nutritionist and Mind-Body Wellness Expert

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North Wales, PA

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Joanna K Chodorowska is a holistic nutritionist, a pain and inflammation expert, author, speaker, ordained minister, founder of Nutrition in Motion, athlete and lover of life.
Joanna discovered through her own healing journey from adrenal exhaustion and arthritic hips, that the body can heal naturally given the right tools. Nutrition is the foundational tool she incorporates with anti-inflammatory and mindful principles. Next she explores your response to stress, emotional experiences from childhood, and burdens from ancestry or prior lifetimes which contribute to pain and illness. Since the body is energy and seeking homeostasis, Joanna works to identify where the energy may not be flowing, and works to release the resistance so your body can ignite its own natural healing process.
She provides more than hope for you to get back to the active life with more love. You learn to love your body, love your food and love who you are! Life is about nourishing the body, mind and soul with love.

Joanna K Chodorowska