Rochelle Giordano

Rochelle Giordano

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Motivational Speaker, Master of Ceremonies

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Rochelle Giordano approaches life with hope, humor, and heart. This is evident whether she is speaking in front of a camara, on a stage, or in a classroom. Her warmth, humor, inspiration, and confidence invite and empower her listeners and students to reach beyond themselves in ways that they may never have imagined. You may find her inspirational writing at “Sojourner, Seeking the Stillness in the Seasons.” Rochelle’s goal is to share hope, humor, and heart to encourage her listeners to reach their potential and never give up. She has spoken at Cal State Fullerton, CHEA’s Keys to Homeschooling, CHEA Convention 2022, and is a Master of Ceremonies. Rochelle has recently been certified as a speaker by The Big Talk Academy. Her family pets have included horses, dogs, cats and lizards. Some say that she owns too many books, although that is one thing Rochelle does not believe is possible.

Rochelle Giordano