Vivian Garcia-Tunon

Vivian Garcia-Tunon

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New York, NY

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Vivian Garcia-Tunon founded VGT People Advisory to partner with transformational leaders and helped them build great companies. She supports heart-centered leaders in becoming more vulnerable by creating powerful and empowering cultures. She is best known by her clients for her enthusiastic and straightforward approach to evoking transformational change and getting results.

While at Fordham University, Vivian had all the check marks, and grades, was involved in many student leadership organizations, had amazing internships, and received tons of awards. She loved contributing to the school and community. As she was preparing to graduate, she would land interviews and then fall consistently short because she didn’t know how to speak about herself.

Vivian now works with senior executives and founders to provide leadership, management development, and transition services, helping them achieve professional and corporate goals.
The good news is that she knew how to take the next steps. Vivian studied hard to become a coach, took endless classes, and earned her PhD in Personal Happiness Development with the number of types she took. Vivan applied what she learned in her prior experiences and launched VGT People’s Advisory to help individuals and leaders at all career crossroads.

Vivian brings years of experience in executive coaching, as well as a successful career as a Human Resources leader within financial services, private equity, and investment banking. She’s an expert in all things related to talent (acquisition, performance, and teams), growth, including mergers & acquisitions, and diversity. Throughout her career, she built high-performing teams in fast-paced growth organizations.

Vivian earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Fordham University. In addition, she has done extensive studies in Organizational Cultures & Design, Leadership, and Change Management. She also has received certifications in Applied Positive Psychology, Coaching, and various assessment tools.

Vivian Garcia-Tunon