International Award-winning director, author and producer, Tricia Brouk, founded The Big Talk Academy in 2019 in order to elevate and amplify voices to make the world a better place. She has certified countless speakers across the globe, in her Copyrighted program that applies her over thirty years of experience in film, television and theater, along with her expertise as a former TEDxLincolnSquare executive producer in New York City. Her commitment and devotion to inclusion is a priority as all of her shows, events, and communities are diverse. And that is the kind of event we want to support you in creating with our speakers here at The Big Talk.

Curating your event can be simple, fun and collaborative, when you choose speakers from The Big Talk Academy. Because each speaker is certified, they meet all the criteria you are looking for. They are great speakers, who also show up on time and end on time.  

They are collaborators, champions of your organization and creative thinkers who will elevate your event to the next level, with their big talks. 

Your search for the perfect speaker for your event, community or conference is over. Your speakers are waiting for you, right here. I promise! 

Big love, Tricia 

Tricia Brouk and The Big Talk Academy represent the speakers listed on this directory because she believes in them and they are certified through The Big Talk Academy.  There is no financial gain to her or BTA when you hire these speakers.