Alejandra L. Valenzuela

Alejandra L. Valenzuela

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Inspirational Speaker, Soul Coach, and Mystic

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Trinidad, California

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Alejandra Valenzuela is an inspirational speaker, soul coach, mystic, and creator of blessed jewelry. She received a spontaneous spiritual awakening in 2018 while on a trip to the central plains of Brazil. Spirit guided her to leave behind her hometown of Los Angeles, and the life she once knew, and embark on an unknown journey of soul retrieval. After extensive travel and profound spiritual initiations, she now finds herself living among the redwoods of northern California and creating the life of her wildest dreams.

Alejandra’s gift of public speaking inspires audiences to look at life through a deeper lens. She passionately shares spiritual epiphanies that bring new layers of conversation to deep core wounds found in humanity. She is intimately attuned to the rhythms of the earth, moon, and stars and teaches others how to rebuild these sacred relationships to find connection and purpose.

Alejandra supports men and women to make sense of their world as they go through a significant spiritual awakening so that they can courageously make lifestyle changes to own their new “yes” and follow the voice of their hearts.

Alejandra L. Valenzuela