Cecile Raynor

Cecile Raynor

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Educational and inspirational Speaker, Author, and Integrated Functioning Coach

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Chestnut Hill M

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A native of Paris, Cécile Raynor studied at the Sorbonne before coming to the US to teach and work on her PHD in the Humanities. She is now an educational and inspirational speaker, an author, and was featured both on radio and TV. For over 30 years, she has taught the Alexander Technique, a mind/body modality. She is also the creator of the Body Intelligence Activation Process™, a mind, body, heart, and soul approach to wellness.

Cécile’s talks offer a unique approach to prevent or resolve a widespread kind of chronic pain touching people of all ages, even when otherwise healthy. As an Integrated Functioning expert, she connects the chronic dimension of pain to misconceptions around movement, posture, and self-image.

Cécile’s insightful talks inspire people to shift their mindset which allows them to enjoy fitness without stress and to bring a new level of well-being to all aspects of their life!

Cecile Raynor