Deni Van

Deni Van

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Speaker, Author and Wellness Expert

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Sycamore, Illinois USA

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For over two decades Deni has had the privilege of specializing in non verbal communication and linguistics. Her love for being able to build a bridge between languages and cultures expanded her study and research as to how the body communicates. This journey led to becoming a licensed massage therapist and Master NLP Coach. Being able to manipulate not only physical tissue to release pain, but also the language between words and the nervous systems of the body to create positive and lasting change.
Creating a way to program the nervous system to respond instead of reacting is a powerful intervention tool. Over the last decade her specialty is combining the power of the nervous system, craniosacral system, connective tissue, and the interstitial system with neurokinesis to train the brain to choose wellness.
Today her role is Creator at Heartfelt Awakening LLC. Which exists to arm people with the methods and tools to create positive and lasting change. Enabling leaders to be seen, heard, and activated in what they’re called to do so that the world can hear, see, and feel heartfelt measurable results. Making an impact by creating courses, books, custom services, personal and professional development, inspiration, and community that challenge our audience to reach for a better version of themselves every day!

Deni Van