Dr Leonaura Rhodes

Dr Leonaura Rhodes

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Speaker, Physician, Corporate Trainer, Mindset Coach and Author

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Norwalk, CT, USA

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Dr. Leonaura Rhodes is on a mission to help people increase their happiness, health, and abundance.

She began her career as a physician in the UK. When studying for her MPH she became obsessed with the science of wellness, illness prevention and peak performance. Her love for learning led her to train as a counselor, coach, relationship strategist, neurotherapist, mental fitness and brain health coach. She is also a published author, course creator, corporate trainer and public speaker. She has worked as a Results Coach and Business Results Trainer for Tony Robbins.

Her own battle with chronic stress and severe depression led to a passion for helping people get physically and emotionally well. In 2014 she published “Beyond Soccer Mom: Strategies for a fabulous balanced life” (Morgan James Publishing), a guide to creating a meaningful, happy, healthy life for women.

She has worked with thousands of people to help them intentionally create their future life with a process called “Peak Life Design “. Her motto is “You can settle for an ordinary life, or you can become extraordinary”. Originally from England, Leonaura now lives in Norwalk, Connecticut with her husband and two young adult sons. In her spare time you’ll find her kayaking, taking nature photographs and letting her hair down at concerts and music festivals.

Dr Leonaura Rhodes