Dr. Shenell Evans

Dr. Shenell Evans

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Resilience & Growth Oracle, Psychologist, Speaker & Coach

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Brooklyn, New York

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Dr. Shenell Evans is a New York City based Licensed Psychologist, Resilience & Growth Oracle, Speaker, and Coach.

She helps her clients, often Black and Brown professionals, master the capacities necessary to build their resilience and experience positive byproducts after challenges. Career high-achievers can seem to have it all together, but it doesn’t mean they are flourishing in other areas of life. Allied with their striving for mastery in their lives, Dr. Shenell supports their journey by providing a sacred space and evidence-based technologies for their continued evolution.

Dr. Shenell resides in Brooklyn with her teen daughter and plant babies. She enjoys having playdates with her partner and friends, trying new plant-based restaurants, and exploring the world around her.

Dr. Shenell Evans