Gayle Damiano

Gayle Damiano

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Whole-Life Transformation Coach for Entrepreneurs

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New York, NY

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Gayle combines her keen insight, professional training, and innate talents to create a fun and safe environment for her audiences and clients to explore their emotions and discover new possibilities for themselves that did not exist before.

In 2018, Gayle left a 13-year career in the legal industry to follow her vision to help others. She is now a a sought-after speaker, coach, healer, and entrepreneur.

Legal Ease Wellness was founded by Gayle in order to address what she found to be an epidemic within the legal profession: that of a high pressure, competitive environment which pays little or no attention to the mental, physical and emotional health and well-being of its workforce.

Gayle holds certifications in Holistic Health Coaching, Addiction Recovery Coaching, Massage Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki and she combines these skills to create a very unique approach which helps her clients to realize their full potential and make magic happen in their own lives.

She has spoken for audiences from 3 to 1300 attendees at events such as:
Paralegal Cruise 2018 & 2019
Florida Registered Paralegals Enrichment Committee 2020 & 2021
Law Firms in New York and Florida 2018 & 2019
Legal Ease Wellness Networking Event 2019
New York City Paralegal Association 2019

Gayle Damiano