Jacqueline Coe

Jacqueline Coe

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Speaker, Author, Learning and Behavioural Specialist, Parenting Expert, Founder of Intelligent Parenting®

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City of Wells – Somerset – UK


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Jacqueline Coe is a certified speaker with the Big Talk Academy, a certified Coach specialising in Parenting and Family Life, a Learning and Behavioural Specialist, Parenting Expert, Author and Founder of Intelligent Parenting®

Her mission: To empower parents to be the best that they can be in order to create a more loving and caring world for our children.

With the world of parenting shifting dramatically in the past few decades, Jacqueline quickly came to realise, the ‘traditional’ style of parenting passed down from generation to generation is still deeply rooted in Victorian values and simply not fit for purpose in today’s modern world.

Jacquline says; “I want parents to feel inspired to move away from this old, outdated, fear based parenting model, which creates chaos, confusion, conflict, guilt, worry and stress. Into new and unique parenting model, which will empower, calm loving connections through confident communication, because parents feel reassured about their parenting role”.

A Parenting Handbook, based on a unique framework and curriculum, that Jacqueline is now ready to share with the world…

Jacqueline Coe