Marisa Zalabak

Marisa Zalabak

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TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, Social-Emotional-Creative Intelligence Expert, AI Ethicist

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New York, NY

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Marisa Zalabak, is a TEDx & Keynote Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, and founder of Open Channel Culture.

As a specialist in organizational culture, social-emotional and creative intelligences and as a contributing author of global standards for ethical design in the development of artificial intelligence, Marisa believes humans can flourish by unlocking human potential, developing essential skills for the emerging future.

For over 30 years, Marisa has partnered with organizational leaders
In business, education, and well-being, Marisa believes our greatest opportunities lie in reimagining and discovering how organizations can profit most by serving people and the planet.

Marisa is on the leadership teams with multiple organizations dedicated to global well-being and has been featured in conferences, podcasts and articles on innovation, organizational leadership, and productive partnerships with Artificial Intelligence.

Marisa Zalabak