Melissa Boyd

Melissa Boyd

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Spiritual Medium and Luminous Business Coach

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Brunswick, Maine

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Melissa Ann Boyd founder of Grow Your Knowing is a renowned spiritual guide, podcast host, and transformational leader, channeling her profound insights into real-world applications. She bridges the tangible and ethereal realms, mainstreaming the conversation on spiritual intuition in everyday decision-making and leadership.

As a trusted medium and a luminous business coach she helps people blend the magical and mystical world which she calls luminous into the linear to maximize full potential.

Since the age of 5, Melissa has had a very special gift. Melissa grew up in a household with a violent father and at nighttime she would often hide in the back of my closet on a pile of clothes with my calico cat Patches wrapped around her neck and pray that we would all be safe another night. Her spirit guides started to visit her and give her glowing messages to deliver to peoples she would be meeting. Writing notes with colored pencils she would write the messages and have her mother drive her to the grocery store to isle 5 to deliver the message to the lady in the big read hat.

She kept this secret hidden until she came out as a medium on a public policy television show ! For over 25 years she had dreams and visions of figures from Retired Colin Powell whom she was instrumental in bringing to the state of Maine to launch Giving Maines Promise to the spirit of Edmund Muskie as well as many leading experts in government, state affairs, education, public service, and advocacy. In her free time, she volunteers her services to law enforcement and the FBI to find missing children and consult on murder investigations. She blends real world applications and intuition to help others become better leaders by bringing in magic and mystical solutions to help them access their higher guidance which is luminous.

Melissa holds a Bachelors in Communication focused on Public Relations and a graduate degree in Public Policy and Management from the Muskie Institute at the University of Southern Maine. A leader in public service Melissa was appointed as a Commissioner for the Maine Commission on Community Service where she led a national committee to help pass the Serve America Act. As an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga 500 RYT her sold out workshops bring people back wanting more. She is a teacher on InsightTimer the worlds #1 App for sleep, anxiety and meditation.

In the past 15 years through her monthly meditate and donate she assisted in helping to raise over $350,000 for non-profit organizations including River Tree Arts, Center for Grieving Children and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Melissa Boyd