Sana Turnock (MAEd)

Sana Turnock (MAEd)

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Speaker & Courage Mindset Facilitator

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Western Australia, Australia

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Described as honest, a great listener, having a warm infectious humour and someone who holds space for others to share and be vulnerable, Sana Turnock invites you to book her for your next conference, individual or workplace professional development programs.

As a motivational speaker and facilitator Sana helps people understand how the currency of courage adds value in business and life so there is continued business and personal growth.

Sana is a Business Award Finalist, an internationally certified, experienced speaker and skilled facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of adult education, mindset growth, natural therapies and small business. Passionate about her subject areas she believes stories grounded in heart, mind and research are important keys to open people up towards positive change. Through ongoing research and lived experience, Sana has found courage to be an amazing key to help unlock grit and resilience when obstacles abound, and increased confidence and self-belief when courage is flexed incrementally. She now wants to share this with individuals, teams and organisations through keynote and motivational speaking and workplace facilitation.

Speaker Topics:
* Starting a podcast: from daunting to determination to daring to diagnosis
* Your voice matters. Your story matters
* Being courageous in business
* A healthy mind for business
* The power of the mind is an amazing gift
* Autism, the gift of possibility and opportunity

Conference themes:
Resilience, courage for change, women in business, neurodiversity, your voice matters, family trauma and resilience, autistic women in business, health & wellness

Workplace facilitation programs:
* A Healthy Mind in Business
* Holist & Mindset in Business: The new success currency

Sana Turnock (MAEd)