Shuhada Alauddin

Shuhada Alauddin

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Business & Lifestyle Energist and International Speaker

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Shuhada is the world’s leading Business & Lifestyle Energist who is known for harmonizing the mystical esoteric world within the corporate world. She does this with her unique gift of carrying out Energy Audit using her formulated Enery Audit Trifecta.

Prior to this, Shuhada was a corporate lawyer and partner of an established legal firm for over a decade when she decided to leave legal practice and start her own consulting company; upon experiencing an epiphany.

Thereafter, she started dipping into the mystical esoteric world and experienced some of the biggest breakthroughs in her life and business.

This became the beacon of her work today where she brings together her mystical esoteric experiences with her professional corporate background to help create pathways and breakthroughs for extreme pioneers in business and corporate spaces.

In addition to her phenomenal work, Shuhada is also a sought-after global speaker and media personality; having featured on numerous global media outlets and spoken on big stages on topics of spiritual entrepreneurship, divine energies and harmonizing the mystical esoteric within business & corporate environments.

Shuhada Alauddin