Stephanie McAuliffe

Stephanie McAuliffe

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Speaker, Personal Transformation Consultant, Multi-dimensional Energy Healer

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Provo, UT

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Stephanie speaks, writes and teaches on the human condition and the impact of our internalized energetic patterns.

She deeply understands the impact of trauma held within the body, and the importance to our vitality to clear and heal it. She’s found incredible transformation in her own journey through healing sexual abuse, multi-generational alcoholism and addiction, and more recently, breast cancer.

Author of two international best-selling books: The Impact of Silence: Self Mastery Practices for Women: Stepping into Your Power and Embodying the Happiness That’s Your Birthright, and The Message in the Bottle: Finding Hope and Peace Amidst the Chaos of Living with an Alcoholic.

After a 27-year career on Wall Street, Stephanie is the founder of The Way of the Diamond Warrior. She’s also an avid cyclist, nature enthusiast, and lover of art and live music.

Stephanie McAuliffe