Wendy Christie

Wendy Christie

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International Speaker, Author

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Aoraki/Mt Cook, South Canterbury 7999, New Zealand


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In her speech, Wendy shares a personal revelation of the harmful effects of the institutions that demand performance over personal fulfilment and well-being. The whole story is told in her memoir, “Michelangelo’s Missive;” boardrooms, government departments, courtrooms, and clinics, the joys, fears, and failures of the concert hall, the harsh reality of the welfare queue, waste inventory and school janitor work to earn a wage; living, working, and coxing in the city of Cambridge, etc. In particular, Wendy’s message targets educational institutions that favour competition at the expense of the well-being of the individual.

Wendy currently lives and works at the Hermitage Hotel at Aoraki/Mt Cook as an office administrator meeting people from around New Zealand and since the borders re-opened, other parts of the world.

Wendy Christie