Jocelyn Chong

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Networking Specialist, Speaker, Author and Entreprenuer Bio: Jocelyn Chong is an internationally recognised Networking Specialist, Four Time #1 International Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker, Certified Coach and Podcast Host Jocelyn guides and empowers female entrepreneurs and business professionals to learn to master the art of intentional networking so they can… Continue reading Jocelyn Chong

Dr Olivia Ong

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Physician, Speaker, Author and Medical Leadership Consultant Bio: Known as the Heart-Centered Doctor, Dr Olivia Ong, is a medical leadership consultant, speaker, author and pain physician with a thriving pain management medical practice in Melbourne, Australia. After a severe car accident in 2008 when Dr Ong was told she… Continue reading Dr Olivia Ong