rebbe TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D.

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, author, living a 'yes, and…' life expert with joy Bio: TZiPi Vivien Radonsky is a woman of the world who is healing one heart at a time beginning with herself -by learning love & writing five books, as an inspirational thought leader & speaker, visionary artist, mystical rebbe… Continue reading rebbe TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D.

Tracy Rector

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Producer, Writer, Gender-Based Violence Advocate Bio: Tracy Rector, award-winning film producer, author, speaker and survivor, uses her voice to raise awareness of gender-based violence. USA Today recognized her film, No Ordinary Love, as one of the “biggest summer movies” in 2021. She’s a certified speaker with The Big… Continue reading Tracy Rector

Ann-Maree Imrie

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Author, and Grief Educator Bio: Ann-Maree is a Social Worker, trained in grief and loss, Ambassador for Stillbirth Foundation Australia, and a mum to three boys – the first of whom was stillborn in January 2015. This experience was a pivotal moment in her life, which led to… Continue reading Ann-Maree Imrie

Teri Riley

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Author and Image Consultant Bio: Teri Riley is a Speaker, Author and Image Consultant dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls and believes all are beautiful and created with value and purpose. She has always had a passion for fashion and has helped hundreds of women of… Continue reading Teri Riley

Tiffany Agnew

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Writer & Courage Coach Bio: Tiffany Agnew is a 2019 resilience award-winner. In the face of extreme adversity she founded The Braedon Foundation, to raise a rainbow to her son’s memory. She shares her lived experience through grief and healing at Tiffany Agnew Inspires where she empowers women… Continue reading Tiffany Agnew

Yasmina Hedhli

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Imposter Syndrome Expert Bio: Yasmina is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She specialises in helping professionals overcome low confidence, imposter syndrome and self sabotage. Much of her corporate work falls under gender and BAME/BIPOC diversity initiatives where she speaks and teaches… Continue reading Yasmina Hedhli

Andrea Cairella

Email address for booking: Title: Tedx Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist and Emotional Intelligence Expert Bio: Andrea Cairella, LPCC, is a psychotherapist, consultant, speaker and international best-selling author of No Longer Burned Out on Busy. Andrea is founder and CEO of Andrea Cairella International and has served as an advisor to innovative entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Fortune 500… Continue reading Andrea Cairella

Sharyl West Loeung

Email address for booking: Title: TEDx & Keynote Speaker, DEI Educator, Social Entrepreneur Bio: Sharyl West Loeung has been fostering spaces of belonging for more than two decades. She has extensive experience in both the educational and non-profit sectors, focusing on inclusivity and cultural humility. Sharyl is the co-founder of Kardia House Consulting, LLC… Continue reading Sharyl West Loeung

Jill Strickland Brown

Email address for booking: Title: Author/CEO Bio: Jill Strickland Brown is an entrepreneur, author and founder of Frox, making her way in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, including working as a seven-figure sales rep and owning successful luxury boutiques. She organizes events to connect with and empower women. She is the… Continue reading Jill Strickland Brown

Tova Katz, CHt

Email address for booking: Title: Time-Management Expert, Speaker, and Creative High-Performance HypnoCoach Bio: Tova Katz (she/her), founder of REVEL hypno, is a certified hypnotherapist, creative high-performance coach, and award-winning multi-disciplinary artist dedicated to helping driven, powerful humans with high-intensity schedules learn how to reclaim their daily life and free themselves from the feeling that… Continue reading Tova Katz, CHt