Fay Hosseini, PharmD

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Transformational Speaker, High Performance Coach, Podcast Host Bio: Fay Hosseini is a Persian-Canadian ER pharmacist who moved to Seattle soon after completing her Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy in 2008. She won the ER Staff Excellence Award 9 times for her dedication and commitment to patient care. In 2018, Fay… Continue reading Fay Hosseini, PharmD

Melissa Boyd

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Spiritual Medium and Luminous Business Coach Bio: Melissa Ann Boyd founder of Grow Your Knowing is a renowned spiritual guide, podcast host, and transformational leader, channeling her profound insights into real-world applications. She bridges the tangible and ethereal realms, mainstreaming the conversation on spiritual intuition in everyday decision-making and… Continue reading Melissa Boyd

Lucie the Light

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Transformational Coach, Facilitator, Influencer, Leader Bio: Lucie the Light is a Speaker, Transformational coach and facilitator. She specializes in Prosperity and Purpose. After more than 30 years in the financial industry as a Financial Planner she decided to learn more about my own calling and she took the… Continue reading Lucie the Light

Becky Rentzel-Galaviz

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Development Expert Bio: Becky Rentzel-Galaviz is a dynamic speaker, visionary, Founder, and CEO of RG Leadership. With a career spanning over four decades, Becky has dedicated her life to the intricacies of leadership, learning, and development. Her expertise is further solidified by her certification as a… Continue reading Becky Rentzel-Galaviz

LeAnn Hoye

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Grief Expert Bio: LeAnn is a passionate speaker about grief. Prior to becoming a published speaker, she was a nurse and physical therapist for over 30 years. Most of her professional time was in the Neonatal ICU, where LeAnn learned that taking part in a baby’s and family’s… Continue reading LeAnn Hoye

Olesia Sinkova

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Motivational speaker, Mindfulness Coach, Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher Bio: Olesia Sinkova is a Ukrainian refugee living in Germany, a motivational speaker and an author. Knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed made her a spiritual warrior, cutting through anxiety and despair with the tools she has gained along her… Continue reading Olesia Sinkova

Naomi Vladeck

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach Bio: Naomi has worked in the arts and culture arena for thirty years as a fundraiser, planner, performer, and nonprofit founder. As a certified creativity coach she has been devoted to transforming the work and lives of women artists and creatives through her company Creativity… Continue reading Naomi Vladeck

Joanna Foat

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Author and Environmentalist Bio: Joanna Foat, speaker, author and environmentalist, uncovered the forgotten WW2 history of the Lumberjills in the Women’s Timber Corps, published two books, has given over 100 public talks and been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC TV’s How We Won The War,… Continue reading Joanna Foat

Lynnea Brinkerhoff, MSOD, PCC

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: CEO – Chief Empathy Officer Bio: Lynnea coaches executives and teams globally, applying behavioral and neuroscience to business operations. Author, professor, mediator, healer, speaker and trauma-informed chaplain for Red Cross/FEMA, she applies, humor, a calming presence and an incisive mind, enabling clients to identify unspoken aspirations, transcend unproductive patterns,… Continue reading Lynnea Brinkerhoff, MSOD, PCC

Dr. Shenell Evans

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Resilience & Growth Oracle, Psychologist, Speaker & Coach Bio: Dr. Shenell Evans is a New York City based Licensed Psychologist, Resilience & Growth Oracle, Speaker, and Coach. She helps her clients, often Black and Brown professionals, master the capacities necessary to build their resilience and experience positive byproducts after… Continue reading Dr. Shenell Evans