Kristina Hallett, PhD ABPP

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: TEDx Speaker, Author and Resilience Expert Bio: Dr. Kristina Hallett is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist, TEDx Speaker, and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University with over 25 years of experience working with organizations and individuals. She is a two-time alumna of the Speaker Salon and two-time member… Continue reading Kristina Hallett, PhD ABPP

Deni Van

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Author and Wellness Expert Bio: For over two decades Deni has had the privilege of specializing in non verbal communication and linguistics. Her love for being able to build a bridge between languages and cultures expanded her study and research as to how the body communicates. This journey… Continue reading Deni Van

Dr. Shenell

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Resilience & Growth Oracle, Psychologist, Speaker & Coach Bio: Dr. Shenell Evans is a New York City based Licensed Psychologist, Resilience & Growth Oracle, Speaker, and Coach. She helps her clients, often Black and Brown professionals, master the capacities necessary to build their resilience and experience positive byproducts after… Continue reading Dr. Shenell

Gayle Damiano

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Coach, Psychic Medium, and Entrepreneur Bio: Gayle combines her keen insight, professional training, and innate talents to create a fun and safe environment for her audiences and clients to explore their emotions and discover new possibilities for themselves that did not exist before. In 2018, Gayle left a… Continue reading Gayle Damiano

Bret Shuford

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: CreativeLife Coach, Speaker and Content Creator Bio: Bret Shuford is an openly – LGBTQ – working actor and the CreativeLife Coach. He has performed, produced, choreographed and directed dozens of Broadway, Regional, National tours, viral videos, television and film productions from Wicked to the Wolf of Wall Street. As… Continue reading Bret Shuford

Britta Lorenz

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: High-Performance and Executive Coach Bio: Britta Lorenz is a mother of two, a businesswoman, an international speaker, an executive and self-leadership coach. The founder of the DACH Chapter of WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Board Member of Trust Enablement. She is the creator of… Continue reading Britta Lorenz

Sharon L. Spano, PhD

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Business Consultant, Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Executive Coach Bio: Sharon Spano helps business leaders transform how they think, adapt, and respond in our ever-changing world. Her expertise in human and organizational systems and her research-based methodologies are designed to help these leaders generate collaborative strategies for success and sustainability.… Continue reading Sharon L. Spano, PhD

Keiya K. Rayne

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Tedx Speaker, Transformational Healer and Intuitive Relationship Expert Bio: Keiya K. Rayne is the CEO and Founder of Soul Strategy Coaching, an International and TEDx Speaker, Transformational Healer and Intuitive Relationship Expert.   She’s passionate about teaching women and girls to own their self-worth and power and for more than… Continue reading Keiya K. Rayne

Joanna K Chodorowska

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Speaker, Author, Holistic Nutritionist and Mind-Body Wellness Expert Bio: Joanna K Chodorowska is a holistic nutritionist, a pain and inflammation expert, author, speaker, ordained minister, founder of Nutrition in Motion, athlete and lover of life. Joanna discovered through her own healing journey from adrenal exhaustion and arthritic hips, that… Continue reading Joanna K Chodorowska

Antuan Magic Raimone

Email address for booking: [email protected] Title: Soldier of Love, Advocate, Author, TEDx Speaker Bio: Affectionately known as Magic, Antuan’s mission and purpose as a Soldier of Love is to empower and encourage each of us to live a whole life. A life where mistakes can exist, where fear is not debilitating and where vulnerability is… Continue reading Antuan Magic Raimone