Sania Assaf

Email address for booking: Title: Founder and CEO of 4A.D.H.D. Coaching Solutions LLC Bio: Sania Assaf is a Health Coach, Chef, and Speaker. She is the creator of, Seeds of Love. A two-month coaching program for Women with ADHD. LinkedIn Link: City and State/Province: Charlotte, NC

Irene Riad

Email address for booking: Title: Inspirational Speaker, ICF Executive & Team Coach, Success Mindset & Complex Trauma Recovery Expert, and Founder of SIGHTcet – The Self-Mastery Coaching Institute Bio: Irene is an Inspirational Speaker, an ICF Executive and Team Coach, a Writer, and Founder of SIGHTcet, The Self-Mastery Coaching Institute. She is the creator… Continue reading Irene Riad

Rochelle Giordano

Email address for booking: Title: Motivational Speaker, Master of Ceremonies Bio: Rochelle Giordano approaches life with hope, humor, and heart. This is evident whether she is speaking in front of a camara, on a stage, or in a classroom. Her warmth, humor, inspiration, and confidence invite and empower her listeners and students to reach… Continue reading Rochelle Giordano

Janine Charron

Email address for booking: Title: Creator of THE T.I.G.E.R. METHOD | Inspirational Speaker and Writer Bio: Janine is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is an inspirational speaker and writer. Creator of the T.I.G.E.R. method, breast cancer survivor, founder of iNSiDE Out STUDiO Barre, NCAA Division 1 Ice hockey player and previously played in the… Continue reading Janine Charron

Sana Turnock (MAEd)

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker & Courage Mindset Facilitator Bio: Described as honest, a great listener, having a warm infectious humour and someone who holds space for others to share and be vulnerable, Sana Turnock invites you to book her for your next conference, individual or workplace professional development programs. As a motivational… Continue reading Sana Turnock (MAEd)

Jazz Biancci

Email address for booking: Title: International Speaker, Writer and Producer of Conscious Masculinity Bio: Survivor of concurrent life threatening illnesses and multiple brain surgeries, Jazz Biancci is the founder of Spiraling Into Genius, producer of Conscious Masculinity, international speaker, best-selling ghostwriter for Simon and Schuster, former soldier in the United States Army and humanitarian.… Continue reading Jazz Biancci

Jessica Faath

Email address for booking: Title: Sales Leader and Motivational Speaker Bio: Jessica Faath began her sales and technical marketing career at Porsche. Since then, she managed a SAP implementation project before moving into a role as a sales leader building long-term strategic partnerships within the automotive industry. Outside of work, Jessica is passionate about… Continue reading Jessica Faath

Marisa Zalabak

Email address for booking: Title: TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, Social-Emotional-Creative Intelligence Expert, AI Ethicist Bio: Marisa Zalabak, is a TEDx & Keynote Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, and founder of Open Channel Culture. As a specialist in organizational culture, social-emotional and creative intelligences and as a contributing author of… Continue reading Marisa Zalabak

Susan Eckstein

Email address for booking: Title: Women's Empowerment Expert, Certified Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator Bio: Susan Eckstein is a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach, women’s empowerment expert, facilitator, and nationally known speaker. Susan helps high-achieving women relearn how to own their personal power, so they can have the confidence to be seen, be heard, and take… Continue reading Susan Eckstein

Antuan Magic Raimone

Email address for booking: Title: Soldier of Love, Advocate, Author, TEDx Speaker Bio: Affectionately known as Magic, Antuan’s mission and purpose as a Soldier of Love is to empower and encourage each of us to live a whole life. A life where mistakes can exist, where fear is not debilitating and where vulnerability is… Continue reading Antuan Magic Raimone