rebbe TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D.

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, author, living a 'yes, and…' life expert with joy Bio: TZiPi Vivien Radonsky is a woman of the world who is healing one heart at a time beginning with herself -by learning love & writing five books, as an inspirational thought leader & speaker, visionary artist, mystical rebbe… Continue reading rebbe TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D.

Naomi Hoshino Horii

Email address for booking: Title: Speaker, Transformational Educator, Healer, Intuitive Bio: Naomi Hoshino Horii is a speaker, a transformer, healer, intuitive, and a teacher of more than two decades, working with clients and students internationally. She is thriving despite being given a 7% chance of survival from a rare and aggressive cancer more than… Continue reading Naomi Hoshino Horii

Irene Riad

Email address for booking: Title: Inspirational Speaker, ICF Executive & Team Coach, Success Mindset & Complex Trauma Recovery Expert, and Founder of SIGHTcet – The Self-Mastery Coaching Institute Bio: Irene is an Inspirational Speaker, an ICF Executive and Team Coach, a Writer, and Founder of SIGHTcet, The Self-Mastery Coaching Institute. She is the creator… Continue reading Irene Riad

Andrea Cairella

Email address for booking: Title: Tedx Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist and Emotional Intelligence Expert Bio: Andrea Cairella, LPCC, is a psychotherapist, consultant, speaker and international best-selling author of No Longer Burned Out on Busy. Andrea is founder and CEO of Andrea Cairella International and has served as an advisor to innovative entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Fortune 500… Continue reading Andrea Cairella

Sharyl West Loeung

Email address for booking: Title: TEDx & Keynote Speaker, DEI Educator, Social Entrepreneur Bio: Sharyl West Loeung has been fostering spaces of belonging for more than two decades. She has extensive experience in both the educational and non-profit sectors, focusing on inclusivity and cultural humility. Sharyl is the co-founder of Kardia House Consulting, LLC… Continue reading Sharyl West Loeung

Marisa Zalabak

Email address for booking: Title: TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, Social-Emotional-Creative Intelligence Expert, AI Ethicist Bio: Marisa Zalabak, is a TEDx & Keynote Educational Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Author, and founder of Open Channel Culture. As a specialist in organizational culture, social-emotional and creative intelligences and as a contributing author of… Continue reading Marisa Zalabak

Linda Mitchell

Email address for booking: Title: Motivational Speaker, CEO/Owner, Author, and Podcast Host Bio: Linda Mitchell is a leading women’s health expert, best-selling author, Fitness Boutique Owner, and creator of The Sisterhood of Sweat brand. After surviving domestic violence, Linda has made it her mission to empower other women by helping them take responsibility for… Continue reading Linda Mitchell

Bret Shuford

Email address for booking: Title: CreativeLife Coach, Speaker and Content Creator Bio: Bret Shuford is an openly – LGBTQ – working actor and the CreativeLife Coach. He has performed, produced, choreographed and directed dozens of Broadway, Regional, National tours, viral videos, television and film productions from Wicked to the Wolf of Wall Street. As… Continue reading Bret Shuford

Sonja Pemberton

Email address for booking: Title: Keynote Speaker, Transformational Catalyst, and Coach Bio: As a speaker, transformational catalyst, and coach, I have designed evidenced-based frameworks to facilitate change using an awareness-based approach for individuals, organizations, and the society at large. With a career spanning more than 25 years, I’ve been privileged to lead, mentor, and… Continue reading Sonja Pemberton

Kate MacKinnon

Email address for booking: Title: TEDxSpeaker, Feng Shui Expert and Mentor Bio: Kate MacKinnon, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, has successfully consulted for over 20 years. Before starting her business, Everyday Feng Shui, Kate had her management technology consulting company and was Vice President of JP Morgan Chase. Featured in interviews, hosting courses, and… Continue reading Kate MacKinnon